Word Salsa #162

No, don’t specify 10,000 to wear my home town, smuggling one of Hard Knocks is no political prisoners who died, died I thought I am ready, So’s the huntress of Guadalupe The Chichen Itza de marzo por lo que el pueblo sin comer soy mexicano - my horizon, how to give up its universal man wasn’t sure. He feels like a small home plate lunch dates and frightening as you know what to watch from Bejing!

Her ready to await to destroy the Cool Valley, we dance of that don’t know I pull my stunted grief, but all the saddest songs of when you deny, KAWHI, & to name no more time you with a lot of place was only new faces a voice Reading is that fence reaching out of downtown These are asked, and dark ebony skin cells from a ferry ran my work that was proud way out of rash decisions go get joy and dust along the last wooden table, tiny hallway to climb down on outside the voice.


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