Word Salsa #347

Even the resonant underpinnings, consonants and I’ll meet on the Trayvon Martin Luther King, Jr. even if you could do his age!
Softened syllable, sharpened eye, wry song, sweet-whispered, saved my belly of us as stale air and you back in love, we have so much to people sought out into the best thing. EXCUSE ME - everyone equally, shook is to take whatever that sparkled like a timely place, but property lines enable us destroy the great gusto me defiende, con una voz se pierde en la alquimia quien mas a perfect piece of July.

You closed my brother!


Word Salsa #347

Why do and who still doing unto the soil, ensnarled by anonymous insects Chatting about their Eastside cousins that when I make such. And, now it and some women unite!
On the body in her voice, which have we love it is you’re too well. or changed.
Your friends a part names I was rich, full of coyotes brujos que dejo ver claramente lo mandaron bueno era con mi propio destine ser rey solo un recién-nacido y el Alamo, ni aunque sea.

Y for all sick cause of its salty dust.
It made him endlessly, but they’re casting the ashes!


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